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Take your health and wellness journey to the next level with customized solutions

How are we different?

There is no one generic pill, plan, or approach that works for every single person. Instead, we uncover your unique tendencies and then customize a plan for you. It's not self-help. It's self-harmony tailored to you.
  • Customized solutions

  • Educational resources

  • Wellness plans

  • Personalized recipes

  • Holistic remedies/Products

Jivome Membership Plans

Seed Level Membership

$147 / 3 Months


  • Personalized Herbal and Probiotic Blend
  • Recipes Matched to Your Tendencies
  • Summit Recordings (Nutrition, Microbiome, Ayurveda)
  • Content Curated to Your Preferences
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Discounts on purchases
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Flourish Level Membership

$539 / Year


  • Customized and Compounded Medications
  • Personalized Herbal and Probiotic Blend
  • Recipes Matched to Your Tendencies
  • Summit Recordings (Nutrition, Microbiome, Ayurveda)
  • Content Curated to Your Preferences
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Discounts on purchases
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Start your journey now

Here is How it Works


Through your membership, you’ll be able to discover what elements keep your body in balance, making it more achievable to meet your wellness goals in a way that’s specific to you. Are you ready to kickstart your journey?


We provide you with information pertaining to your unique element combination and teach you what your quiz results really mean. Go deeper with your wellness journey by unlocking solutions for your skin, gut, mind, body, and soul.


Our articles, podcast and courses will teach you how to practically apply various perspectives into your daily life so you can live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle.


We look at each individual’s unique tendencies through a holistic lens to craft solutions that are right for YOU. Choose from our proprietary blends that are included in your membership or upgrade to a customized blend that is created just for you.


You will find personalized recipes, supplements and practical tips that you can use to eat right for your unique tendencies. No matter where you are at on your journey, we will provide you with the education and information you need to maximize your health and wellness.

To Find Your Personalized Solutions!

Is A Jivome Membership Right For You?

No one person is the same, so why are we told to follow one-size-fits-all wellness solutions? The answer is, we shouldn’t.

With our personalized solutions – created with your unique profile in mind – you can be sure that you’re holistic wellness journey is on the right track. Match that with our extensive collection of educational materials – articles, podcasts, courses and more – and you know you’ll have all the resources you need to achieve your goals.

We take into consideration all aspects of an individual – their mind, body and soul – to understand where the gaps are that are holding them back. We have learned that all people are made up of five key elements that keep them balanced, and imbalances can lead to ailments and irritations that often feel impossible to overcome.

Our approach ensures that we look at an individual through a holistic lens to craft the solutions that make a difference – and you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Jivome membership is a comprehensive subscription plan that matches you with your unique health and wellness profile. With this information, we customize an array of solutions, plans and events to help you achieve your wellness needs.
As a member of Jivome you will have full access to an array of benefits. Those benefits include individualized exercise plans; personalized meal plans, customized skin and body regimens; member-only videos that include meditation, breathing and fitness techniques; articles that are tailored to your individual tendencies; member only-podcast episodes; educational courses at no additional cost; and discounts on a variety of services and products.
Memberships are offered in a few different tiers. We offer monthly and annual memberships at pricing structures depending on the services afforded in each tier. (Add specific numbers when you settle on pricing & plans)
The first step in signing up for a membership is taking our personalized quiz. Once you get your results, you will have access to multiple membership options which you can sign up for based on your needs.
The first step is to take our personalized quiz that was developed by medical physicians and Ayurvedic practitioners so we can learn more about you and your tendencies. Once completed, we will go through our arsenal of material and deliver only what applies to you. We have teamed up with fitness instructors, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, and other wellness providers who will create customized plans based on your quiz results.
We designed a platform that will hopefully educate you and deliver lifelong tips and tricks that you can use in your everyday life in order to live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle.
Through our telewellness services you will be able to schedule appointments with various wellness professionals to get one on one time and expertise.
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