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Holistic wellness is the practice of balancing and connecting our mind, body, and spirit. It is our unique approach to life and an ongoing journey that requires commitment. Holistic healing often involves a multidisciplinary approach to medicine, where holistic healthcare practices coincide with modern-day medicine.

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5 Pillars Of Optimized Wellness


Do you ever wonder why that perfect skincare line your friend uses doesn’t work the same for you? Or how two people that are the same age can look years apart? Our skin health goes deeper than just topical products. Our eating, fitness, and sleep habits, as well as our anxiety and stress levels, all play a role in the health and vitality of our skin. Each person has different tendencies and we at Jivome realize that there is no one size fits all approach to healthy skin. We’ll help you find the right solutions that are tailored to you.


Gut health is considered the seat of health in several medical perspectives such as Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Medical research has uncovered the gut microbiome and we now understand that our gut health can connect to the health of the rest of the body. Our rich community of bacteria, yeast, and viruses in our gut can shift based on what we eat, how we move, how we think, and an ongoing disease or imbalance in our body. Selecting the right foods, exercises, herbs, or supplements can make the difference for a healthy gut and body.


You mind is connected with your state of well-being and health. Stress contributes to inflammation which can present itself in a variety of ways such as generalized pain, skin disorders, and gut issues. Mindfulness helps us better connect with our mind and give us better control over negative emotions, energies, and stress. We can significantly reduce our stress and anxiety levels by practicing mindfulness techniques throughout the day, such as yoga, breathing, or meditation. The way we feel stress is not the same for all of us and a personalized approach to mindfulness can help a healthier mind-body connection.


Our body’s health is a direct reflection of how we treat it. Healthy nutrition, exercises that are paired to your body type, healthy sleep, and stress control will help usher in a healthier you. Regular exercise can prevent secondary diseases, reduce inflammation, decrease stress levels, improve our overall health, and even improve our skin health. Although there are many different ways to exercise, it’s important to choose a well-balanced routine and the right form of exercise in order to optimize our physical health.


Perhaps the most important part of what gives us meaning and happiness is how we nurture our soul. Our soul makes us who we are. It is determined by our connectedness with oneself and others, the gratitude that we feel, what we find hope in, how we view our importance, and how we adapt to negative changes that occur throughout life. At Jivome, we belive that nurturing your soul is what will give you a sense of purpose and connectedness to those around you. Journeys of the soul are individual but we will walk with you.

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We are passionate about holistic education and teaching. We believe learning and personal growth is the essence to living and loving life. Check out our courses and certificate programs that range in length from quick lunch-and-learns to more in-depth courses on topics such as ingredient science, Ayurvedic body typing, practical nutrition, approaches to manage stress, and many more.

Entire Body Wellness

To achieve optimal results, we must focus on the entire body as one system.This concept goes beyond the treatment of individual symptoms to support more than just the body, incorporating Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, Western, and Chinese Medicine.

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