The 5 Elements: Building Blocks Of Holistic Health

Understand Your Unique Elemental Balance

What Are The 5 Elements?

Just as in nature, the 5 elements that make up the building blocks of holistic health are fire, water, air, earth and ether.






These elements all come equipped with unique, powerful qualities that impact different aspects of the mind, body and soul. When working together in perfect harmony, these elements can bring about a balance and inner piece that helps us stay healthy, positive and happy. But slight variations in the elements can also bring about an imbalance that manifests in physical, mental and emotional ways.

The Impact Of The 5 Elements

Each element plays a key role in how we think, feel and act.

Earth is powerful in its structural, solid and grounding characteristics. It represents the stability and durability of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Water is what keeps us feeling safe. It represents protection. support and security in our physical. emotional and spiritual selves.

Fire is dynamic. always moving and always alive. It represents that untapped energy. the opportunity for transformation and visceral intensity in our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Air is light, breezy and calming. It represents the movement and creativity that exists within our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Ether is bursting with opportunities and unanswered ‘what if It represents the potential space. energy and opportunity within our physical. emotional and spiritual selves.

Unlock Your Unique Elemental Profile

The Jivome Approach

These elements make a powerful impact, and understanding how they impact your overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health helps us to better understand what exactly you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.

We take an integrated, holistic approach to how we guide you along your journey. Our solutions and services are customized to your unique needs based on a personalized portfolio.

Not everyone is built the same, and not every treatment is one-size-fits all. We understand that so you can become the individual you’ve always wanted to be.

The Elements & Holistic Health

Understanding your unique elemental balances is just the first step in unlocking your true potential. When you know how your mind, body and soul are impacted by these elements, you can better understand the role they play in how you think and feel.

The 5 Pillars Of Holistic Health & Wellness

These 5 elements go beyond how we feel mentally and extend into the physical realm, having an effect on the 5 pillars of holistic health and wellness.

This intrinsic link between the 5 elements and 5 pillars highlights the importance of taking a holistic, integrative approach to wellness, ensuring you don’t just treat a problem, but find a holistic solution that heals from within and for good.