Enhance your wellness journey with our courses.

We are passionate about holistic education and teaching. We believe learning and personal growth is the essence to living and loving life. Check out our courses and certificate programs that range in length from quick lunch-and-learns to more in-depth courses on topics such as ingredient science, Ayurvedic body typing, practical nutrition, approaches to manage stress, and many more.

Realizing that each person is a unique individual, Ayurveda is based on the principle of personalized care and finding balance in one’s...

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Bacteria, viruses, and fungi, oh my! What do these things mean for our gastrointestinal tract? Research shows how important our gut micro...

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Reading labels, knowing how to decode ingredients, portion control, and knowing what foods are best for us can be a chore! Many people ex...

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Ayurveda Summit: A More Personalized Approach to Health

The Ayurveda Summit features a diverse group of Ayurvedic practitioners and researchers who discuss topics from herbs to food energetics to psychology to oils and supplements. We cover the basics of Ayurveda...


Ayurveda Course

Learn the basics of Ayurveda and how to incorporate Ayurveda practices in your daily life.


Microbiome Summit Recordings

The Jivome Microbiome Summit features leading world experts in microbiology and medicine to discuss the latest advancements in the field...


Nutrition Summit Recordings

The Nutrition Summit will feature leading experts in nutrition and medicine to discuss the latest advancements in the field. Good nutrition is essential to overall health. In the summit, we will cover important areas that cut across many different perspectives such as popular diet trends, nutrition and skin, intermittent fasting, functional foods, probiotics, supplements, and more.




Our courses will teach you how your skin, gut, mind, body, and soul are all connected.
You will learn helpful tools to balance your body as a whole.

Daily Exercise

Participate in our online fitness classes that will help strengthen your body and your mind.

Mind-Body Approaches

Our courses can help you find focus and balance in your daily life. Learn tips to reset your mind at the end of each busy day.

Find your balance

Learn how your microbiome affects you and we give you tips on how to recognize your unique tendencies.


Eating a well balanced diet helps improve your body’s natural healing process. Our courses will teach you how to eat healthy without dieting.

Personalized Lifestyle

Our courses will give you holistic and natural lifestyle tips to improve your general health and contribute to an healthier you.

Better your lifestyle

Learn helpful tips to decrease your stress, improve your sleep, and increase your energy.

Our courses will be perfect for you if:

You are interested in a holistic approach to your health and wellness.

You want to learn more about integrative and alternative therapies.

You struggle with anxiety or depression.

You struggle with digestion issues.

You want to live your best life!

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