With the increasing interest in skin care throughout social media, men are more frequently taking measures to take care of their skin. The use of makeup and skin care products are no longer associated with just women. Here are some of the products that are rising in use among men that can be implemented into your skin care regimen.


Product #1: Cleanser

washing hands under flowing water

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Using a cleanser is a great way to remove excess oils that your body naturally produces throughout the day. The use of mild cleansers can help clear your skin of oils while minimizing the negative effects of drying or irritation.


Product #2: Toner

toner cleansing man Credit: Hisu Lee at Unsplash.com

Toner is a liquid product that can help reestablish your skins naturally acidic pH in order to promote optimal skin barrier function. Toners come in a range of compositions, with some being more drying than others due to ingredients like witch hazel or alcohols. Toners are best used immediately after cleansing and before moisturizing.


Product #3: Exfoliator

Man applying facial mask

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Especially during the cold winter season, the skin is prone to becoming dry and rough. Use of an exfoliator can help remove dry, dead skin for the appearance of smoother skin. Exfoliators are categorized as either mechanical or chemical. Examples of mechanical exfoliators include products like facial scrubs containing tiny abrasive particles and exfoliating facial brushes such as the Clarisonic®. On the other hand, chemical exfoliators are products containing alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, including glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. Chemical exfoliators should be used carefully though, as they can flare eczema in those that are prone.


Product #4: Aftershave

man getting beard shaved with hand-held razor

Credit: Jose Ricardo Morachis at Pexels.com

Following shaving, some may find ingrown hairs or irritation on the skin. Following up with aftershave can help reduce the irritation. Further, many aftershave products contain antibacterial agents to prevent your pores from becoming clogged and increasing your risk of breakouts.


Product #5: Moisturizer

lotion bottle for men

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Regardless of your skin type, moisturizer use after facial cleansing can help replenish dryness and protect the skin barrier. There are a variety of moisturizer types in the market that can suit the needs of your skin. Check out Skin Type Profiler to figure out your skin’s profile and choose the best skin care products for your individual skin type.


Product #6: Sunscreen

round sunglasses for skin care on concrete

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Regardless of age or gender, sunscreen use is highly beneficial to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays even in the gloomiest days. Continuous use of sunscreen can help prevent simple age spots, premature wrinkles, and photoaging. Sunscreens come in a wide range of consistencies, with some being colorless, some casting a white sheen, and some being tinted. Which broad-spectrum sunscreen is best for you is highly dependent on preferences and skin type. Daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is vital to protect against skin cancers and premature aging.


Product #7: Blackhead Removal

Exfoliator (cracked desert sand) Credit: Matt Artz at Unsplash.com

Blackheads (also referred to as open comedones) and excess facial oil (also referred to as sebum) frequently appear on the nose. Products targeted at controlling blackheads can help minimize excess sebum in the pores as well as help extract blackheads. There are a variety of products on the market from cleansers to masks to pore strips that can help clear up clogged pores.

Implementing a few of these simple skin care steps can help enhance your skin. Just as the seasons change, our skin changes accordingly, and a proper skin care routine can help retaliate any skin care consequence.


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