Skin Story: Eyelash Extensions – Are They Worth It?

With eyelash extensions becoming increasingly popular, I wanted to hear about some people’s experiences with getting them done. I sat down with a college student, Jennifer*, to speak with her about her experience with the process. She was going out of the country and wanted to get her eyelashes done and didn’t want to have to do her makeup while she was overseas.


How was your experience getting your eyelash extensions?

“After being referred to a lady by a friend, I went to her house to get them done. The process is long (about an hour) and there are many times I almost fell asleep. Once they were done, I realized I wasn’t pleased with the lashes she used as they looked too thin and long. They gave a spider-like appearance that I didn’t want.

You usually have to get the extensions touched up every three weeks so I found a new lady to do the touch-up. She took off the old lashes completely and then reassembled my lashes to the way I wanted them to be. The process of getting them done involved her taping the bottom lashes to my under eye area, which was probably the most uncomfortable part. She used a pair of tweezers to separate each eyelash while simultaneously dipping each individual eyelash in glue then placing it where my real lashes laid.

There are different styles and lengths of the lashes you can get. I wanted mine to be dramatic but natural looking still. She used 16 mm extensions that looked amazing after they were completed because she made them fuller and longer in the middle of my eye, which is what your eyelashes naturally do.”


Did you have any complications?

“After about two weeks, some of the fake lashes started to fall out from one eye, which made my eyes look uneven. I started plucking them out or brushing them off naturally so my eyelashes looked even. I even researched how to take them out and used olive oil and massaged it into my eyelashes to try to undo the glue.

This proved detrimental to my real lashes. My lashes seemed stripped and were left brittle, short, and uncurled. They looked bald and stuck out straight in short wisps. I was horrified by how they came out and it made me self-conscious about them. I wore fake lashes for about a month until they grew back.”


Do you have any advice you’d like to share with our followers?

“When they say not to pull out the lash extensions, they mean it! It is inevitable that the eyelash extensions fall out, so do yourself a favor and resist plucking them out because this will come at the cost of ripping out your real lashes. The main component in taking care of them is using a spoolie brush afterward to “fluff” up your extensions and allow the eyelashes to naturally fall out and be brushed away.

I also recommend you know exactly the look you want with the fake lashes. Find pictures, and know the thickness and length you want to avoid dissatisfaction.”

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