You walk down the aisle of your local drugstore in desperate need of a razor. You approach the designated section for women’s razors, in search of the colorful pink razor you always use, but you notice it is out of stock. What do you do? You glance to your left and see an abundance of men’s razors neatly displayed on the racks. You think to yourself, can I use men’s razors to shave my legs?


What’s the Difference?

Aside from the color differences typically seen between men and women’s razors, there are a few variations between the two. Men’s razors typically have a greater blade angle to help shave off thicker hairs with ease, as a man’s facial hair is usually more coarse.

Another key difference between the two is the shape of the handle. While men typically shave facial hair over the sink, women have to maneuver the razor in different positions to help shave off hair in distinctive regions from their legs to their armpits. Thus, razor handles on women’s razors are shaped to help the user move it with ease in a variety of positions.

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Lastly, the heads of women’s razors are oval shaped, unlike the rectangular shape seen on men’s razors. The shape helps to smoothly access bodily contours for a close shave, including the curved regions seen in the armpit.


What Does This Mean?

So, if you are in frantic need of a razor and only have access to men’s razors, you can use it, but it is best to purchase women’s razors as they are specifically designed to be used for versatile shaving needs.


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