What is wet shaving?  Wet shaving is the classic method of shaving – like what you’d see in an old Cary Grant movie. It’s also a great way to get a clean shave and reduce razor burn.

The key to wet shaving is to use a shaving brush foamed up with soap or shaving cream. Lathering with a brush gives you a more complete application of the shaving cream, or soap, and covers even small hairs with cream while protecting the skin around it.

What do you need for wet shaving? There are many components to the perfect shave, which will differ based on your skin and hair type. One key component is finding the right razor and blade for you. This may take some time, but it will be well worth it in the end! For example, if you have thicker curly hair, you’re more likely to get razor burn as the tip of the hair curls back and irritates the skin when you shave. I find that sharper single blades are the best for thicker hair.

A few other things you’ll need:

  • A shaving brush: often these are made from boars hair.
  • Shaving soap or traditional shaving cream.
  • A razor: I recommend a single blade for a cleaner shave and reduction of irritation. Double edge safety razor is a simple and economical start.
  • A mug for lathering the brush.
  • Aftershave: For sensitive skin, I recommend something that is not alcohol-based or drying.  I like to use a whole Shea butter that can easily be made at home. Or you can use a Shea butter cream.


How-to: Wet Shaving

  1. Soak the brush for 30 seconds in warm water until the bristles are saturated.
  2. Use the brush to foam up the soap – do this as you apply the soap to the brush.
  3. Brush the soap on your face in a circular fashion until it is fully lathered.
  4. Commence the shave.
  5. The lathered brush may be used many times for a closer shave. Those with sensitive skin and razor burn should not go over more than twice.

Lather up and get shaving!

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