Flower Essences for Positive Body Image

Positive body image can have a huge impact on our self esteem. It’s in our nature to feel that the ideal “attractive” look is what’s being promoted in advertisements and publications. Many of us see these pictures and compare them to ourselves; feeling that we need to look like those chosen few with that one idealized body type, flawless skin, etc. Despite knowing that most of these advertisements and photos are edited or photoshopped, we still feel the need to aspire toward those “perfect” images.

Of course, there can be other factors that affect our body image, including criticism from self or others, what our parents and friends may have said about our body types, or simply not being able to accept ourselves as we are.

Flower essences can be highly beneficial in fighting low self-esteem. So, what are flower essences? They are a vibrational medicine that work to heal emotional and spiritual issues and traumas. Flower essences help open up emotional blockages that may be holding us back and help us come closer to our truest potential.

Flower essences can be found in many health food stores. It’s important to note that these are not the herbal tinctures. Please do not try the actual plants as remedies, as some of them may be poisonous. Only use a properly prepared flower essence. You may choose to work with a flower essence practitioner to find the exact flower essences that are best for your needs.

Using flower essences for self esteem is a great introduction to discovering how they work. Take your flower essences 3 times a day, and as needed, when body image issues arise. It is in those moments that you will notice the greatest effects.

Here are 5 flower essences that may help when having feelings of low self esteem:

  1. Buttercup: Buttercup flower essence is for those of us experiencing low feelings of self-worth. If you are not sure how to shine your inner light or do not feel you have the confidence to shine, this may be a good flower essence for you.
  2. Crab apple: Crab apple flower essence is for you if you’re currently struggling to accept yourself as you are and feel impure or dirty. It’s a great essence for those who are feeling critical and shameful about their bodily imperfections. This flower essence is purifying, allowing you to accept and love your body as it is.
  3. Larch: Larch flower essence is for those experiencing poor self-esteem. If you currently expect failure and are lackling confidence, larch may be a great fit for you. This flower essence helps individuals to stand strong and feel free to express themselves as needed. This is also great for creative expression or those who experience stage fright.
  4. Mallow: Mallow flower essence helps those of us experiencing insecurities in social situations. You may not currently feel safe interacting and speaking with others. Mallow helps one become more personable and open-hearted with others.
  5. Pretty Face: Pretty Face flower essence helps those of us who are feeling unattractive due to our physical appearance. It can help us accept ourselves and know that true beauty radiates out from the spirit.

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