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Dead Sea Mud Masks

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Dead Sea mud masks have been around for quite some time now and are popular amongst people of all skin types. Many companies have come out with their own versions and some spas even have treatments available that use the mud from the Dead Sea. Are Dead Sea mud masks as great as they are claimed to be? Let’s find out!


Origins of Dead Sea Mud

You can probably guess from the name, but the main component of these masks actually do in fact come from the mud of the Dead Sea which is located between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. Even after many thousands of years, the waters of the Dead Sea are still believed to help with skin or bodily disorders. The mud is known to be black or grey, which may not be the most appealing; but hey, as long as it works right? Fun fact: Apparently, Cleopatra, who was famous for doing anything to stay beautiful, used the black mud mask to maintain her beauty which really put black mud masks in the spotlight.


Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Masks

There are many minerals in Dead Sea mud that help improve the condition of your skin. The Dead Sea salt water is actually found to contain many minerals including, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, and bromine, which all have different functions in maintaining skin health.  The mud of the Dead Sea also contains high amounts of sulfide and various types of salts.

  • Sodium: helps with anti-aging
  • Magnesium: helps to increase antioxidant production (helps with aging skin)
  • Calcium: helps with skin regeneration from wounds, prevents infections, involved in cleansing pores
  • Bromine: helps to give a boost to your skin repair functions, provides some soothing properties to some skin disorders, natural antibiotic

The benefits of Dead Sea mud masks on the face include tightening of the skin, which contributes to anti-aging effects, cleaning the skin of impurities, and refreshing your skin by stimulating blood circulation and giving it a natural glow. The Dead Sea mud mask is also known to help skin disorders such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, acne, and many others.

Aside from the many beneficial minerals that target various skin problems, the Dead Sea mud actually also contains silicates that allow it to soften and cleanse the skin.


How Often Should Dead Sea Mud Masks Be Used?

Like all other clays masks, it is not suggested that you use Dead Sea masks every day but maybe once a week or as needed. Some clay masks may claim that they are not drying, however, your face and pores are essentially stripped of its natural oils with each use. Dead sea mud masks may be less drying as they typically have a higher water content than clay masks, but It is important to follow up with your skin care routine right after washing off your mud mask.

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