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Cooling Massage Oil Recipe for Warmer Months

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Did you know that your choice of skin care products can increase or decrease the amount of heat and irritation in your body?

When it is hot outside, use cooling oils to help balance the summer heat and make your skin happy. If you tend to get colder, massage warming oils into your skin.


Balancing Cold and Warm

Essential oils and base oils have cooling and warming properties. Choosing a base for your massage oil is just as important as choosing your essential oils. While some oils are more warming to the skin, others are cooling. Coconut oil is considered more cooling to the skin, but neutral oils are also good to use, such as jojoba, grapeseed, and sunflower oil. If you are already hot, it is wise to not add more heat to your skin by choosing warming oils, such as sesame or almond oil. Check out your lotions and body oils to see if they are adding to your heat!


Make Your Own

This body and massage oil recipe can be used to cool off after a hot day in the sun and keep your skin happier after exposing your skin to summer sun:

Coconut oil 2oz

Jojoba oil 2oz

Lavender essential oil 30 drops

Roman Chamomile essential oil 45 drops

Peppermint essential oil 5 drops

To make the oil, combine the coconut and jojoba oil. A glass measuring cup is best for mixing and easier to pour from, but any other container can work. If the coconut oil is solid, you can warm it in a double boiler or place it in a warm sunny spot just until it liquifies. Stir the two oils together to thoroughly combine. Add your essential oils to the oil mixture and stir.

Pour into a container of your choice. The best storage for oils is an opaque or tinted glass bottle. However, it can be stored in a clear glass bottle or plastic bottle if it will be used quickly. Keep your massage oil out of direct light and heat.

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